Economic Flows

I made the above chart using data painstakingly collected from the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

Each arrow's width is proportional to the size of the flow in 2014. Because of this, flows smaller than about $150 billion aren't shown.

One of the things this chart reveals is just how much of what companies produce gets sold to other companies so that they can produce their products. For instance, Ford couldn't produce cars without buying steel from somewhere else.

There are some minor caveats.

  1. The interest payments made by households do not show mortgate interest.
  2. The interest payments made by corporations represent net interest, not gross interest. This means we shouldn't be drawing any conclusions like “look how small the financial market is in the US”.
  3. I had to use some inference for the transfer payments paid by corporations. I assumed that the total amount of money given had to equal the total amount received. That being said, I doubt they give enough for it to have affected the graph's outcome.
  4. I had to infer the amount of money businesses paid their owners. Again, I assumed the amount paid equaled the amount received.