Compressing Reality

Pigovian Taxes and Income

"Sin" taxes and fines should (ideally) be proportional to individual income.

Animals Per Calorie

A quick reference resource for thinking about vegetarianism and veganism.

Paying for Roads

An analysis of gasoline usage, road congestion, and taxes to internalize them.

Utility Equals Log Consumption

Arguments for assuming that utility is (statistically) proportional to the logarithm of consumption.

Fixing Copyright

An idea for a politically feasible improvement to copyright law.

Mandelbrot Set Efficiency

A more faster (and possibly correct) way to draw the Mandelbrot Set.


An argument that internalities are just as bad as externalities - and that they should be treated similarly in economics and by public policy.

The Truth is Not Enough

Why true statistics aren’t enough: distinguishing the baby from the bath water.